At Last! Reliable FIFO Workers for Big Mining Projects!

Hire the best fly-in fly-out workers for your major mining project.

We understand how time consuming it can be to find top quality, reliable FIFO workers for a major mining project.

Without a mining recruitment firm helping you every step of the way, it's an impossible task for one person to handle alone.

It may take 5-10 minutes to go over one single resume, but if you have 400 to get through this simple task becomes a 66 hour monster!


There are so many better ways you could be serving your company than by wasting 66 hours reading resumes.

This is the reason why we are so valuable for recruitment managers - we leave you with more time to do what YOU are best at.


Mining recruitment for big mining projects.

Why Our FIFO Mining Workers Are the Best in the Industry:

There are three reasons why our FIFO workers rise above all other candidates.

Advantage #1 - Easily and Quickly Organise Top FIFO Labour for Large Mining Projects


We have a reputation for recruiting top FIFO workers for commercial and government projects.

So when your partner with us, you will have easy access to thousands of top FIFO mining workers.

We can send you as many qualified workers as you need, so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

In the unlikely case you're not happy with a worker, we can immediately send a replacement that will be the perfect fit.


Advantage #2 - We Pay for FIFO Workers' Sick Leave, Annual Leave and Insurance


We have experience recruiting top FIFO labour for mining companies, so we know the industry secrets to keep costs down.

With our workers, we will handle all of the tedious extra expenses so that you'll only have one hourly rate to keep in mind.

When you work with us, the only extra expense you are required to pay for is Worker's Compensation (which is required by Australian law).

This is another reason why recruitment managers are so happy to work with us - we organise and simplify everything to give you peace of mind.


Image of mining workers.


Advantage #3 - With Our FIFO Workers Your Company Will Gain a Reputation for Excellence


With top FIFO workers, your projects will stand out from the crowd once completed.

Clients, peers and competitors will say 'Wow, just look at that workmanship! What's their secret?'

You will know your company's hard-earned reputation for excellence was built on the back of your FIFO workers.

This is precisely how you will start to reap the benefits from recruiting our FIFO workers for your upcoming projects.

For example, here is a sample resume from one of our workers - John Yoo. His qualifications and experience are second to none.



Mining workers on scooptram.


We're ready to help you with top FIFO workers for your upcoming mining projects.

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Remember the Lessons Learned From the Last Mining Boom

With a mining recruitment company you're ready to take advantage of this new mining boom.

Industry-insiders already know the value of WA's mining equipment, technology and services sector has grown for the first time since 2014.

This means the need for FIFO workers is going to increase, and only the most forward thinking firms will secure the top workers for their projects.

Mining firms who try to do it all themselves will only find they missed the opportunity as their streamlined innovative competitors quickly overtake them.


The company's that prospered in the beginning of the last mining boom knew one thing:

There's no better time to take advantage of a new mining boom than by getting a good reputation NOW!

If you want your firm to have the reputation for delivering top quality, you need top quality workers on your team.


Image of mine worker surveying pit.

Save Time & Energy By Working With a Top Mining Recruitment Firm

After hiring our FIFO workers, you'll realise all the hard work has been expertly taken care of.

With our mining recruitment company all of the time-consuming work is done for you because our workers are proven.

We have some of the best FIFO mining workers in Australia, including: welders, industrial electricians, trade assistants, boilermakers, drivers, general labourers, mechanical technicians, engineers, fitters and more. We have all of these professions (and more) on our books, and we are very selective.

We only work with mining firms who need the highest quality work that demands positive recognition for all those involved.

In other words: our FIFO workers make you look good, and that makes us look good.


It's a win-win for both of us.


After you see for yourself how much easier it is working with a FIFO mining recruitment firm, you'll never go back to DIY.

You may even hear yourself saying:

    No more reading piles of resumes that all look the same.
    No more endless rehires because the work was not good enough.
    No more time wasted on pointless tasks that I can now delegate.

FIFO Mining Recruitment now provides you with as many top FIFO workers as you need.


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