About Us

About FIFO Mining Recruitment

Our Sydney-based organisation was founded for one purpose – to connect firms in the mining industries with the best FIFO workers in Australia so they can become the front-runners of the new mining boom.

The faster your firm grows as a result of the higher quality workmanship you will receive after hiring our FIFO workers, the faster we grow. It’s a win-win!

We partner with two mining recruitment firms, one based in Sydney and the other based in South Yarra.

These two firms have a proven track record of supplying Australia’s mining industry with top FIFO workers. We have connected FIFO workers from these two recruitment firms with businesses of all sizes, all over Australia.

Their job is to train and supply your project with FIFO labour. Our job here at FIFO Mining Recruitment is to act as a bridge between you and these workers.

If you need FIFO workers urgently and would prefer to speak with the directors of these two companies, please email¬†james@fifominingrecruitment.com.au with a summary of your situation and I’ll instantly pass on your information to them both.

If you need FIFO workers in the coming weeks or months, please fill out our form below. Your information will be passed on and someone will be in touch with you soon.