Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide us with non-FIFO workers?

Absolutely. We have thousands of FIFO and non-FIFO workers on our boks, most of whom are based in Sydney.

For firms who needs non-FIFO workers outside of Sydney, you may be better off searching for a labour provider in your local area.


Why shouldn’t I go with cheaper recruitment providers?

As you can see in the graphic below, the interest for FIFO workers is very strong in Australia, particularly Western Australia.

Because of this, a lot of low quality recruitment firms have popped up looking to make a quick buck off of desperate  recruitment managers. So you want to be very very careful. If you try to save a few thousand dollars with a low quality provider you can expect to deal with low quality work, which will lead to a worsening reputation for your company.

If you think that you’re saving money by sending your business to these low quality providers, you’re going to be paying a lot more money when you need to hire someone else to fix their shoddy work.

These unfortunate recruitment managers, who unwisely trusted these low quality recruitment firms, are living proof that shady recruitment firms are out there. As identified by scamnet.wa.gov.au: Scammers Target Jobseekers on Recruitment Websites.

Our advice for you – be very careful who which recruitment firms you work with.


Who do you work with?

We have a professional partnership with EMH Industries and ABM Services Group. Both firms have stellar reputations and we have connected many businesses with their contractors.


Why should I keep everything in-house?

Your efforts to keep everything in-house is an admirable attempt to control every aspect of the recruitment process for your big mining project. Once you find out how much easily it is to work with a professional recruitment firm that specialises in FIFO workers, you naturally see that you can keep control over the process while at the same time delegating time-consuming tasks to a trusted partner.

What certifications do your workers have?

We have thousands of workers on our book, so it would take many pages for us to list their certifcates here.

Our welders (to use them as an example) have all their ISO 9001 tickets and are RTO trained. Many of them have worked on some of the most complicated welding jobs in heavy industry, including mining.

We can send you specific certifications once you let us know what your specific requirements are. Simply click on this link to fill out our enquiry form.